Note sur le rapport de l'intensité et de la direction du vent avec les écarts simultanés du baromètre.

(Paris, Mallet-Bachelier), 1857. 4to. No wrappers. In: "Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Séances de L'Academie des Sciences", Tome 45, No 19. Pp. (705-) 783. (Entire issue offered). Buys-Ballot's paper: pp. 765-768.

First appearance of this pioneering paper in meteorology in which Buys-Ballot noted that on his synoptic charts of the Netherlands the wind blew at right angles to the pressure gradient, and he later stated this fact in the form of a law: "When you place yourself in the direction of the wind,.... you will have at your left the least atmospheric pressure". The direction of the winds are such as to balance the pressure gradient and the Cariolis forces.
The application of the principles of Buys Ballot's Law had an importent impact on navigation and shipping as it helped to establish the probability of the existence of a storm and the best course to steer to try avoid the worst of it - with the best chance of survival.
Parkinson "Breakthroughs" 1857 M.

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