Expériences relatives à de nouveaux phénomenes électro-dynamique. (+) Mémoire sur la Détermination de la formule qui représente l'action mutuelle de deux portions infiniment petites de conducteurs voltaiques.

(Paris, Crochard, 1822). No wrappers. In: "Annales de Chimie et de Physique, Par MM. Gay-Lussac et Arago.", Tome 20 (Premier Cahier) Pp. (5-) 112 a. 1 engraved plate. (Entire issue offered). Ampère's paper: pp. 60-74 a. 1 engraved folded plate depicting apparatus. Some brownspots to the plate.

First apperance of this importent paper in which Ampère his creation of a new kind of electric motor where he succeeded in spinning a cylindrical magnet around its axis by connecting it to a battery generating a steady current.

With the invention of the battery (Allessandro Volta, 1800), the generation of a magnetic field from electric current (Hans Christian Oersted, 1820) the foundation for building electric motors was laid.

Togetner with this paper comes the importent paper in which Ampère introduced his "LAW OF FORCE", the force which exists between two current elements. - Extract from the same volume of "Annalen", pp. 398-421. The text refers to the plate attached to the first paper offered here.

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