De la grammatologie.

(Paris), Minuet, 1967.

8vo. Original wrappers. An excellent, very nice, clean, and fresh copy, with only faint tanning to wrappers. Spine a bit browned. Internally near mint. 445, (3) pp.

First edition (20 Septembre, 1967, numéro 630) - SIGNED PRESENTATION-COPY FOR ANDRÈ GREEN AND WIFE - of Derrida's seminal main work, the foundational text for deconstructive criticism.

1967 marks a turning point in the history of modern philosophy, constituting the birth of "Deconstruction". In this one year, Derrida publishes all of his three break-through books, "De la grammatologie", "L'écriture et la difference" and "La Voix et le phenomene", profoundly altering the course of modern thought. Although all three books are responsible for the introduction of Deconstruction, it is primarily "De la Grammatologie", Derrida's magnum opus, that has come to be associated with this groundbreaking concept.

This magnificent presentation-copy of Derrida's main work unites two of the greatest intellectual thinkers of the 20th century, both having profoundly altered the face of psychoanalysis and intellectual history in general. As Derrida is considered one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century, so André Green (1927 - 2012) is considered one of the most important psychoanalytic thinkers of our times, creating what is now known as the Greenian theory of psychoanalysis.

"Jacques Derrida's revolutionary theories about deconstruction, phenomenology, psychoanalysis, and structuralism, first voiced in the 1960's, forever changed the face of European and American criticism. The ideas in "De la grammatologie" sparked lively debates in intellectual circles that included students of literature, philosophy, and the humanities, inspiring these students to ask questions of their disciplines that had previously been considered improper. Thirty years later, the immense influence of Derrida's work is still igniting controversy..." (Review, Spivak's translation of Derrida's "Of Grammatology", 1997).

Derrida's concern is to bring to light the binary schema that is hidden in all kinds of texts and ideas of culture. In the present text Derrida brilliantly reveals some of the principles of deconstruction, not through theoretical explication, but, rather, by demonstration, showing that the arguments promulgated by their subject-matter exceed and contradict the oppositional parameters in which they are situated. Put into other words, deconstruction seeks to expose, and then to subvert, the various binary oppositions that undergird our dominant ways of thinking.

The ideas that Derrida here present have had an enormous impact on a number of the human sciences, including psychology, literary theory, cultural studies, linguistics, feminism, sociology and anthropology. Due to this work, a whole new world of problematic suppression and marginalisation has become apparent, making "De la grammatologie" one of the most important philosophical works of the later part of the 20th century.

"One of the major works in the development of contemporary criticism and philosophy". (J. Hillis Miller, Yale University).

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