Präludien. Aufsätze und Reden zur Philosophie und ihrer Geschichte. 2. vols.

Tübingen, J. C. B. Mohr, 1915. 8vo. Orig. printed wrappers w. small nicks to extremities, uncut. Internally fine. XII,299; IV,345,(2) pp.

Fifth, augmented edition.
Wilhelm Windelband (1848-1915) was a German philosopher and neo-Kantian of the so called Baden-school who protested other neo-Kantians of his time and maintained that "to understand Kant rightly means to go beyond him", which he also does in the present collection of articles and lectures. Generally, his work was closely associated with the work of Heinrich Rickert (1863-1936), the leading figure of the Baden-school, but both Windelband and Rickertis is, nowadays, prehaps primarily known as the essential philosophical inspiration of one of their prominent students, namely the particularly important sociologist Max Weber (1864-1920).

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