Mémoire sur la Fermentation vineuse; Présenté à l'Academie des Sciences, le 12 juin 1837.

Paris, Crochard, 1838. No wrappers as extracted from "Annales de Chimie et de Physique", 2. Series, Tome 68. Pp. 206-222.

First appearance of this classic paper on yeast, which summarises his work on alcoholic fermentation, proving that the process depended on living organisms as a mass of globular bodies capable of reproduction and therefore organized, and not a simple chemical substance as had been supposed.

"Cagniard's studies on alcoholic fermentation have unquestionably remained the most valuable of his works. Begun as early as 1835, they led him, toward the end of 1836. to see that there was certainly a living substance in brewer's yeast. Schwann came to the same conclusion at the same time, but Liebig's violent attacks forced this point of view into the background for twenty years. (It was in 1857 that Pateur shed light on the question)."(DSB III, p. 9-10).

"The earliest demonstration of the true nature of yeast was made by Cagniac-Latour in 1836. All his work on the subject is summed up in this paper."(Garrison & Morton No 675).

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