Further Researches on the Deportment and Vital Persistence of Putrefactive and Infective Organisms from a Physical Point of View. Received May 14, - Read May 17, 1877.

(London, Taylor and Francis, 1878). 4to. No wrappers as extracted from "Philosophical Transactions" 1877, Vol. 167 - Part I. Pp. 149-206. Illustrations in the text. Clean and fine.

First appearnace of this important paper in which Tyndall announced his discovery of fractional sterilization "Tyndallization".
"In my last paper I made some remarks upon this subject; and in relation to our present experiments, the influence of drying and hardening was brought home to me by the fact that in all the foregoing cases the infusions which five minutes boiling proved sufficient to sterilize were, without exception, derived from fresh hay mowen in 1876, while the infusions which five minutes' boiling failed to sterilize were derived, without exception, from old hay mown either in 1875 or some previous year."(p. 159 in the paper).

"Tyndall interested himself in atmospheric germs and dust. His experiments on sterilization by heat lead him to the discovery in 1877 (the paper offered) of fractional sterilization (Tyndallization)....The reseraches of Tyndall, even more than those of Pasteur, dealt the final blow to the doctrine of spontaneous generation; they were fundamental for the progress of bacteriology."(Garrison & Morton 2495, listing his later book from 1881 "Essays on the floating-matter of the air...").

During the 1870s Pasteur and Tyndall were in frequent communication.

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