Permutation Decoding of Systematic Codes.

New York, American Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1964. 8vo. Volume XLIII (63), January, Number 1, part 2, 1964 of "The Bell System Technical Journal". In the original blue printed wrappers. Previous owner's stamps to front wrapper. A part from minor light spotting to front wrapper, a very nice and clean copy. Pp. 485-505. [Entire issue: Pp. 339-563].

First publication of MacWilliam's important paper on permutation decoding.
"MacWilliams (1917-1990) was a mathematician who contributed to the field of coding theory. She was born in Stoke-on-Trent, England and studied at the University of Cambridge, receiving her BA in 1938 and her MA in the following year. She spent most of her career at Bell Labs, where she worked on error-correcting codes and co-wrote 'The Theory of Error-Correcting Code with Neil Sloane'." (Codings: Webster's Quotations, 42 p.)

The issue contains the following papers.
1. Darlington, Sidney. Demodulation of Wideband, Low-Power FM Signals. Pp. 339-374.
2. Froehlich, F.E.; Anderson, R.R. Data Transmission over a Self-Contained Error Detection and Retransmission Channel. Pp. 375-398.
3. Sunde, E.D. Intermodulation Distortion in Analog FM Troposcatter Systems. Pp. 399-435.
4. Harris, S.E.; DeGrasse, R.W.; Schulz-Dubois, E.O. Cutoff Frequencies of the Dielectrically Loaded Comb Structure as Used in Traveling-Wave Masers. Pp. 437-484.
5. MacWilliams, Jessie. Permutation Decoding of Systematic Codes. Pp. 485-505.
6. Gordon, Eugene I. Optical Maser Oscillators and Noise. Pp. 507-539.
7. Wood, Elizabeth A. The 80 Diperiodic Groups in Three Dimensions. Pp. 541-559.

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