Twilight Hours. [The Economist, Weekly Commercial Times, Bankers' Gazette, and Railway Monitor: A Political Literary, and General Newspaper].

London, The Economist Office, 1939. Small folio. Bound with the original wrappers in comtemporary half cloth with. Entire volume 136, 1939, of The Economist. Binding with minor wear, otherwise fine and clean. Pp. VIII, 628, 17-24.

Original printing of The Economist - the most important and influential economic journal worldwide - from the year 1939 where Hitler invaded Poland and thereby initiated The Second World War.
On September 2, 1939, the editor of the Economist wrote: "Since it is in Poland the the line has been drawn, it is in Poland that we must take our immovable stand. German aggression and robbery, whether by force or by the threat of force must stop here and now and stop forever. For the British people, with a quite and unflurried resolution as strong as anything in their history, have determined that it is better to fight a war than to yield an inch on a principe that has become one of national honour and national safety".
In the following issue, published September 9, it has come to open war between Poland and Germany and the editor states: "For the first time in his career, we may feel grateful to Hitler. Since a war was quite inevitable (and knowing what we now do of his state of mind, we can clearly see that it was), we could hardly have hoped for a straighter moral issue on which to fight it.".

Here is offered a most interesting contemporary account from a British perspective on the beginning of The Second World.

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