Aeliani Variae Historiae Libri XIIII. Rerum publicarum descriptiones ex Heraclide. Cum Latina interpretatione. Editio postrema multo quam antehac emendatior.

Coloniae Allobrog. (Genf), 1613. 12mo. Contemp. full vellum. A piece (1 cm.) of vellum at upper part of spine, gone. (14),460,(17) pp. Greek and Latin text. Scattered brownspots.

Aelian's "History" deals with human life and history and anecdotes of moralizing character.
"Aelian's philosophical ideas, notably that of universal reason as manifested in the animal creation, derive from Stoicism; he is espicially bitter against the Epicureans. His excerpts, largely derived from intermediate sources (Sostratus, Alexander of Myndos, Pamphilus, etc.), often supplement our knowledge of earlier writers...His works enjoyed great subsequent popularity, and were much drawn upon by Christian writers."(Oxford Classical Distionary).

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