Wänskaps=, Handels- och Sjöfarts-Traktat emellan Hans Maj:t Konungen af Swerige och Norge och Hans Maj:t Tennon af Japan, afhandlad och sluten i Jokohama den 11 november 1868 samt ratificerad i Stockholm den 4 juni 1869 och i Jeddo den 20 November 1870. [i.e. "Friendship, trade and sea-treaty between his majesty the King of Sweden and Norway and his Majesty the Emperor of Japan. Discussed and sealed at Yokohama November 11, 1868 and ratified in Stockholm on June 4th 1869 and in Jeddo Nevember 20th, 1870".]

[Stockholm, Norstedt & Söner, 1871]. 4to. Uncut, unopened. As extracted without wrappers. Very fine and clean. 64 pp.

The rare first printing of the Swedish-Japanese Treaty of 1868; the very first treaty Meiji Government made with a foreign state.
The Meiji government was the early government of the Empire of Japan and in April 1868, the Charter Oath was promulgated, in which Emperor Meiji set out the broad general outlines for Japan's development and modernization.
A central governmental structure, or Daij?kan, was established which included a department of foreign affairs. The present Swedish-Japanese treaty was the very first of a long line of treatise.

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