The Real Threat to Our Export. [The Economist, Weekly Commercial Times, Bankers' Gazette, and Railway Monitor: A Political Literary, and General Newspaper].

London, The Economist Office, 1939. Small folio. Bound with the original wrappers in comtemporary half cloth. Entire volume 134, January - March, 1939, of The Economist. Binding with minor wear, otherwise fine and clean. Pp. VIII, 660, 17-24.

Original printing of The Economist - the most important and influential economic journal worldwide - from the year 1939 where Hitler invaded Poland and thereby initiated The Second World War.

On January 30 Hitler gave a speech before the Reichstag calling for an "export battle" to increase German foreign exchange holdings. The same speech also sees Hitler's "prophecy" where he warns that if "Jewish financers" start a war against Germany, the result will be the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe". Hitler's speech and general economic policy (effectuated by Dr. Schacht) is an important subject in the present issues of The Economist

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