Untersuchungen über das Radical der Benzoésäure. (+) Untersuchungen über das Radical der Benzoésäure. (Schluss). 2 Parts. (Researches on the Radical of Benzoic Acid).

Leipzig, Johann Ambrosius Barth, 1832. Without wrappers as issued in "Annalen der Physik und Chemie. Hrsg.von Poggendorff", Bd. 26, Stück 2-3. Pp. 193-352 a. pp. 353-496 a. 3 folded engraved plates. (2 whole issues offered having titlepage to vol. 26).). Wöhler & Liebig papers: pp. 325-343 (2. issue) a. pp. 465-485 (3. issue). Both issues clean and fine.

First appearance (but also in "Annalen der Chemie") of these outstanding researches on the benzoyl radical. where the importence of "radicals" to organic chemistry is illustrated.

"Along with his collegue, Friedrich Wöhler..who had already synthetized urea, Liebig wrote a famous paper (1832, the paper offered) in which he showed, for the first time, that a complex organic group pf atoms - a "radicale" as it is now called - is capable of forming a long series of compounds, behaving throughout as though it were an element. THE DISCOVERY IS OF PRIMARY IMPORTENCE FOR OUR CONCEPTION OF THE CHEMICAL CHANGES IN THE LIVING BODY."(Singer in "The Story of Living Things" p. 374).

"In their classic paper - which was actually written by Wöhler although Liebig is listed as coauthor - they summarized their achievements: "...we make the general assertion that as a result of our experiments, it is established that there is a body, composed of three elements, that remains stable in the presence of reagents and that can be regarded not only as the radical of benzoic acid, bur perhaps with slight variatioons, as the radical of a large number of similar compounds.....Incidentally, many of the compounds they first prepared and described (such as benzoyl chloride) were importent in the future development of organic chemistry."(DSB XIV, pp. 476-477). - Parkinson "Breakthroughs", 1832 C

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