Aurélien. (Paa Dansk ved Astrid Abrahams).

København, 1948. Beautiful hleatherbdg. of blue-green morocco w. gilt back (Petersen & Petersen). Excellent copy in mint condition.

First Danish edition with dedication from the author: "à Niels Randaer,/ auprès de qui je m'excuse de/ ne pas écrivè ceci en danois,/ en raison de ma connaissance/ très imparfaite de cette langue,/ que je n'ai étudié que quelques/ mots./ Aragon."
The famous French writer Louis Aragon (1897-1982) was an important political and cultural figure in 20th century France. Involved in the Dada-movement, member of the French Communist party, he was a friend of both André Breton, Paul Élouard and Philippe Soupault, with whom he founded Surrealism and the review "Littérature" (with Breton and Soupault). His works are monuments of the principal trends of 20th century thought and politics, and his literary theories were of great impact.

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