Orig. handwritten and signed manuscript for "Notes on Matters Parliamentary." 4 pp. 4to.

N.d. Between 1882 (watermark-date in the paper) and 1886 (year of printing).

This is an essay concerning parliamentary matters: "Big as the passing days are with hopes of events/ to come, hard as times are now, and/ troublous as the outlook is, there has seldom passed/ a month in which there is so little/ to say about the proceedings of that "representative"/ body called Parliament which according to the views/ of some worthy persons is the only instrument/ by means of which the construction of Society/ can be carried out..." It is especially related to Chamberlin: "There/ is Mr. Chamberlin's circular to the Boards of Guardians,/ which is as complete an exemplification of/ the helplessness of our present ggovernmental system/ as could be..." and to Ireland: "For after all the question England really is/ Shall Ireland separate with civil war or without it/ And for Ireland: "Shall we be allowed to deal with the Land as we think good?" Due to many handwritten corrections, there are many variations from the printed version.

Printed in April 1886 in "The Organ of the Social Democracy." Volume 2, Number 15.

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