[Offprints:] Criteria of estimaiton in large samples (+) Discrimination of Gaussian Processes (+) The use and interpretation of principal component analysis in applied research (+) On a characterization of the poisson distribution (+) Efficiency of an estimator and Fisher's lower bound to asymptotic variance (+) Unified theory of linear estimation (+) Sir Ronald Asylmer Fisher - the architect of multivariate analysis (+) Efficient estimates and optimum inference procedures in large samples (+) Asymptotic efficiency and limiting information (+) A note on a generalized inverse of a matrix with applications to problems in mathematical statistics (+) Apparent anomalies and irregularities in maximum likelihood estimation (+) Combinatorial arrangements analogous to orthogonal arrays (+) Use of discriminant and allied functions in multivariate analysis (+) Multivariate analysis: an indispensable statiscal aid in applied research (+) On the use and interpretation of distance functions in statistics (+) Some statistical methods for comparison of growth curves (+) Maximum likelihood estimation for the multinominal distribution with infinite number of cells (+) Some problems involving linear hypotheses in multivariate analysis (+) Expected values of mean squares in the analysis of incomplete block experiments and some comments based on them (+) Sur une caracterisation de la distribution normale etablie d'apres une propriete optimum des estimations lineaires (+) A study of bib designs with replications 11 to 15 (+) A study of large sample test criteria through properties of efficient estimates (+) [Mimeographed:] Information and the accuracy attainable in the estimation of statistical parameters (+)Minimum variance and the estimation of several parameters (+) Asymptotic efficiency and limiting information (+) Reply to the discussion on the 'The apparent anamolies and inconsistencies of the method of maximum likelihood (+) Apparant anomalies and irregularities in maximum likelih

[Various places and printer], 1945 - 1971 Collection of 23 offprint and 6 mimeographed papers from various academic journals. All with wrappers (or as issued) and in fine condition. Contained in a black kassett.

Large collection of offprint by Indian American mathematician and statistician Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao. The American Statistical Association has described him as "a living legend whose work has influenced not just statistics, but has had far reaching implications for fields as varied as economics, genetics, anthropology, geology, national planning, demography, biometry, and medicine." The Times of India listed Rao as one of the top 10 Indian scientists of all time.

Among his best-known discoveries are the Cramér-Rao bound and the Rao-Blackwell theorem both related to the quality of estimators. Other areas he worked in include multivariate analysis, estimation theory, and differential geometry. His other contributions include the Fisher-Rao Theorem, Rao distance, and orthogonal arrays.

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