Sur l'Alcool correspondant à l'acide benzoïque.

Paris, Victor Masson, 1854. Contemp. hcalf. Wear to top of spine. Light wear along edges. Two small stamps on verso of titlepage. In "Annales de Chimie et de Physique", 3. Series - Tome XL. 512 pp. and 3 folded engraved plate. The entire volume offered. Cannizzaro's paper: pp. 234-235.

First French edition - it was originally published the same year in Liebigs "Annalen....", Vol. 88 (1853).
The Cannizzaro reaction, named after its discoverer Stanislao Cannizzaro, is a chemical reaction that involves the base-induced disproportionation of an aldehyde.[ Cannizzaro first accomplished this transformation in 1853, when he obtained benzyl alcohol and potassium benzoate from the treatment of benzaldehyde with potash (potassium carbonate).

Cannizzaro made many contributions to organic chemistry but the most importent work of his life was the full and clear exposition of the meaning and importence of Avogadro's hypothesis as a baseis for the determination of molecular and atomic weights.

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